Focused Support for Apprentices

Focused Support for Apprentices

Concept Northern delivers expansive support to Modern Apprentices

Concept Northern delivers expansive support to Modern Apprentices

April 2021: Focused Support for Apprentices

Modern Apprenticeships (MAs) give employees the opportunity to earn valuable, industry-recognised qualifications while working. For young people aged between 16 and 24, who made up the majority of MA starts in Scotland last year, they’re a fantastic way to combine training with real-world experience.

    MAs are a proven pathway to full-time employment, but sometimes apprentices need extra support to realise all of their benefits. This is especially true for individuals who have an impairment, health condition, or learning difficulty. For the last period for which data is available, up to Quarter 3 2020, Skills Development Scotland (SDS) reported that 12.4% of new starts were in this category.

    At Concept Northern, Scotland’s leading assistive-technology provider, we help apprentices who need extra support adapt to the demands of a MA. From our work with people with dyslexia, autism, visual impairments, hearing loss, or mobility challenges, we know that an in-depth assessment of an apprentice’s needs is key to the effectiveness of any support programme. With this in place, we then provide the appropriate training, coaching and assistive technology, to create an effective support framework unique to an individual’s requirements. As a result, apprentices can concentrate on their employment and training, and not on their disability. Our focused support materially increases the chances of someone with a learning barrier or disability successfully completing an apprenticeship.

    In addition, Concept Northern also help employees and employers understand the funding options available to apprentices such as Access to Work. Depending on the size of the company, this funding often covers the costs of additional support entirely or significantly reduces the contribution required from an employer. We can help with the application process too and provide reliable advice on both good practice and timescales.

    Although COVID-19 has negatively impacted the number of MA starts over the past year, SDS and the Scottish Government are committed to ensuring that apprenticeships are a significant contributor to economic recovery. With the number of MA starts anticipated to rise again as 2021 progresses, it’s vital that those apprentices who face additional barriers to success receive the help they need. Concept Northern’s MA-focused support packages are a great first step.

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