Learning in Lockdown

Learning in Lockdown

How Concept Learning can support student learning at home.

How Concept Learning can support student learning at home.

Jan 2021: Learning in Lockdown

At the beginning of 2021, remote work and study is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Twenty years ago, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic would have had very different implications for the way we work and study.

    Evolving technology including high-speed internet, advances in video conferencing applications and accessible online resources have enabled the move from the office and university to the home. It may not be ideal or desirable but, in the circumstances, it’s a manageable option which means many people don’t have to stop working or learning despite the ongoing public health crisis.

    At Concept Northern, Scotland’s leading assistive-technology specialist, this move to online learning is not new. Concept Learning, our e-learning portal, has been providing assistive-technology focused e-learning courses for nearly a decade. We created it as a way to supplement our in-person training and provide a resource for students and assistive-technology users that was available whenever they needed it, regardless of location.

    Courses range from guidance on using key assistive-technology applications, like Texthelp Read&Write and MindView, to soft skills and personal development. To help learners during lockdown, we’ve also produced a course focusing on techniques for effective working and studying from home. It contains some fantastic ideas for making sure an individual’s experience of remote working or learning is as productive, rewarding and anxiety-free as possible.

    All of our e-learning resources feature media-rich content, designed especially for dyslexic learners, and are created entirely in-house. That means we can build the courses around the specific needs of the learner rather than relying on generic content from external suppliers. In addition, we offer a personal level of support throughout the learning process from our experienced training team. This blended approach provides the best of both worlds – engaging, interactive and focused content backed up by advice and help from real people.

    All this makes Concept Learning a valuable resource that’s especially relevant to the way people learn in 2021. It’s a great source of information for assistive-technology users and makes learning flexible, convenient and accessible to all.

    If you would like to know more about including Concept Learning in your DSA quote please email quotes@conceptnorthern.co.uk.

    For more information on our courses, visit www.conceptlearning.co.uk.

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