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Flexible Assistive Learning with DiplomAT

DiplomAT offers customisable learner journeys for assistive-technology users and bespoke training solutions for assessors and employers.

DiplomAT is our online home for assistive-technology learning. It strives to offer all learners an interactive, supported and rewarding training experience.

At the heart of the platform are our core courses covering the most popular assistive-technology products. Courses are divided into distinct learning modules, which focus on different aspects of using the software. Users complete all of the modules to complete the course and earn a completion certificate. That’s an integral part of using DiplomAT and where the name of the site comes from – it’s a blend of diploma and assistive technology (AT). Most of our courses are accredited by the CPD UK certification service too.

Course modules are developed using the latest industry-standard authoring tools. This enables us to create interactive and involving content which looks great on a variety of devices from laptops to smartphones. Modules combine text, images, videos and interactions to build integrated learning journeys. Software-based courses also contain high-level simulations to replicate the actual experience of using the product.

Although we’ve got lots of pre-packaged courses, having our own e-learning and content developers, means that we can amend our existing products, or create entirely new ones, to meet specific client needs. This flexibility extends to the entire user experience on DiplomAT. Although it’s a single platform, it’s compartmentalised. Users see only the materials relevant to them. Furthermore, we can combine courses into comprehensive learning pathways to satisfy the unique requirements of any user in a defined context.

DiplomAT Learners

The overall learner experience has been designed with accessibility at the forefront. Access to support is prominent with a welcome video, FAQ, email on-boarding process and helpbot all in place to make users feel comfortable and reassured while using the platform. The colour scheme provides excellent contrast for easier readability and the font has been designed by the Braille institute to be super legible. Texthelp’s “Reach Deck” support toolbar is also included to read text onscreen aloud and more.

For managers and administrators, there’s complete user tracking and compliance supervision. Detailed reports show user access and course completion. Managers can add users and assign courses too for a complete self-service approach to learner management.

DiplomAT is a versatile and highly-useable online learning resource which offers great core courses combined with the option of customised content. It’s a trustworthy partner for all assistive-technology learners.

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