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Workplace Support

Workplace Support


Concept Northern provide support for all employees who have a disability and need further assistance due to neurodiversity concerns. From workplace needs assessments through to our training sessions, we always focus on the needs of the individual. However, the help we provide focuses on several key approaches common to all of our support provision – 

  • Completing workplace needs assessments.  
  • Providing assistive-technology software and equipment to task assist performance.
  • Training in how to use assistive software and technology.
  • Coaching to develop coping strategies and support routes.
  • Advice for developing confidence and independence.
  • Further support dependent on the nature of the neurodiversity and the needs of the customer

The last approach is particularly important. It allows us the scope to deal with the unique features of different types of neurodiversity, and the differences between employees, on a case-by-case basis.

Access to Work

Getting the right support at work can transform the lives of employees with a disability. With the correct training and equipment everyone can develop and achieve.

The government’s Access to Work scheme pays for practical support in the workplace for people with a disability, health or mental health condition. The money can pay for assistive equipment, coaching, adaptations to the office environment and even disability training for colleagues.

At Concept Northern we’ve been helping people in the workplace succeed with assistive technology for over two decades. We supply equipment, software and training to employees all over the country.

An Access to Work grant can pay for practical support if you have a disability, health or mental health condition to help you start working, stay in work or move into self-employment.

Access to Work Website

“Getting the right support at work can transform the lives of employees with a disability”


Encourage equality

Creates a working environment where employees, who may have previously felt substantially disadvantaged, now feel as capable as anyone.

Maximise business advantages

Increases productivity, reduces working time lost to absence and creates a happier overall workplace which benefits everyone.

Realise potential

Gives employees a platform to prove their true aptitude, capability and talent. Supporting adjustments make big differences.

Streamline the process

Takes the stress out of completing the Access to Work application by providing a central point of contact for advice and application management.